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How to create an ASN
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1. Click "Mailbox"

2. Click "Create new document"

3. Select Partner

4. Select Document to create from scratch

5. Click "Create Document"

6. Click the "Search Location" and search for your delivery location

7. Select your location from the drop down

8. Set the ASN Number

9. Set the ASN date to todays date or in the future, if the date is set in the past it will fail

10. Set a delivery note number, If you dont have this simply use the order number or put an X in the box

11. Set the Delivery Date

12. Set the cartons, if theres no cartons put 0

13. Set the number of pallets for this ASN

14. Click "Import Document Lines"

15. This will show all your product lines that have been ordered Recently

16. Click "Add item" on the products you want to add to this ASN

17. Then Click "Add to Advanced Shipping Notice" to add them to the ASN

18. Then you can click off the modal on the side to close the modal and go back to the ASN to see the lines that have been pulled through automatically.

19. Set the pallet that each product is on, in this case theres 1 pallet so they will all sit on pallet 1

20. Set the costprice for each line and check the quantity and packsize

21. If you have a best before date set it on the product line, otherwise leave blank

22. Click "Post Advanced Shipping Notice" and it will redirect you to the sent items to see the generate ASN

23. Click "View Advanced Shipping Notice"

24. View your asn to make sure its correct, you can also click "Pallet Labels" to download your labels or delete the ASN if you found an error

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