Each trading partner has their own onboarding process. Typically these will either be a PDF or an online supplier setup form. In this guide, we will be getting to know your EDI mailbox and how to fill out a supplier setup form.

  1. To begin the process make sure you are logged into the XEDI portal and have the dashboard visible.

2. From here navigate to the drop-down in the top right and select the profile tab. In here you will find your account EDI mailbox details.

Account status: This indicates whether you are in Trial or have a payment plan.

Mailbox Status: This indicates whether you are in trial, test or live. Trial means your account is currently using the 30-day free trial. Test means you are currently testing to get set up with your trading partner. Live means you are connected and ready to send and receive EDI documents with your trading partner.

Partner: This section tells you which trading partner you are connected to.

Network: This indicates which EDI network your EDI will be transmitted over.

Mailbox ANA: This is your unique 13 digit code.

Message Format: This indicates which EDI message format you are going to be using.

EDI Contact: This section supplies customers with an email to contact if they encounter an issue.

3. Now that you are up to speed with the profile section we can move onto filling out a supplier setup form. Each supplier setup form will be slightly different. However, in this guide we will cover the sections that will typically be on all of them.

Example supplier setup/supplier request form.

Mailbox 12 digit ANA:  For this field enter your unique 13 digit ANA code in this box
Mailbox Name/ID:  For this field enter: AMR50615.
Tradacoms V8 or V9:  For this field enter: V9
Do you require item descriptions to be sent on purchase orders: Yes
Tradacoms V1  or V2:  V2
Do you require an RSGRSG to be sent:  No
Network Service Provider:  OpenText/TGMS 

4. Once you have filled in all the necessary sections for your supplier setup form you're ready to send it off to a trading partner.

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