In this guide, we will help go through how to view orders and send invoices.

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1. To begin this process make sure you are logged into the XEDI portal.


2. From here click the Unread button on the left in the EDI mailbox section.


3. In the Unread orders page, you will find the orders send from your trading partner. To view the order click the 'View' button on the right. This will take you to the view order page. The view order page will give information on the delivery location, items ordered, pack size and quantities. Assuming this is a test order at this stage you won't need to deliver anything to your trading partner. 


4. For the next step, click 'Generate Invoice'  in the bottom left. On the next page, you will notice that the system has pulled all the information from your order automatically. This helps keep data accurate. On this page, you just need to fill the invoice fields that are missing data. 


Fields that need data

Invoice number:  In here enter a unique number to differentiate it from other invoices.
Invoice date:  This is the date your company expects to receive the invoice payment.
Delivery note number: Order Tracking number.
GRN (Goods Receipt Note): Here you should enter your GRN number. If this section doesn't apply to your business leave this section blank.

5. Once you have checked everything is correct and you are ready to send the invoices simply click the 'Post Invoice' button.

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